Sat Paul Mittal School celebrated Teacher’s Day with great fervour and zeal

September 05, 2019 Views
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Satyans performing during the Teacher’s Day celebration
Satyans performing during the Teacher’s Day celebration
Ludhiana, September 05, 2019 (Akash Sharma): ‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill love for learning’. Sat Paul Mittal School celebrated Teacher’s Day to thank the teaching faculty for the contributions they make to the lives of the Satyans. The Members of Governing Council, the Members of Academic Advisory Council and the Members of Nehru Sidhant Kender Trust were present on this occasion.

A cultural extravaganza was organised by the Satyans to appreciate the unwavering commitment of the teachers for the mission and vision of this school ‘with a difference’. The event started with the ecstatic invocation dance by the students. To honour the people who have transformed their lives for the better, the Satyans left no stone unturned to truly entertain them by means of various cultural items. They also expressed their gratitude through a soul stirring song. The grand finale by the tiny tots left everyone spellbound.

Bipin Gupta, Vice Chairman, Governing Council addressed all the teachers with inspiring words. He thanked all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work. To recognise the outstanding service rendered to the institution, Teacher of the Year Awards were conferred upon Damandeep, Roshni Handa, Eshu Madan and Nakul of Junior School and Ritu Bajaj, Gurjit Kaur, Shikha Arora and Neha Sehgal of Senior School. Kundan Pahwa was awarded with Best Employee, Gurwinder and Ramesh were awarded Best Worker of the year. The Management presented a token of appreciation to the Principal, Bhupinder Gogia for her exemplary service and meticulousness. In the vote of thanks, the Principal thanked the Management for all the support and magnanimity. The event was a panorama of joy, fervour and enthusiasm.

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