The value of conserving water in Mere Sai

Abeer Soofi in the role of Sai Baba
Abeer Soofi in the role of Sai Baba
Mumbai, February 20, 2018 (Online News India): Water, the second most important element needed for sustaining life on our planet. Owing to pollution and population explosion, humans are facing water scarcity all over the globe and are managing their daily chores in frugal quantities. Abeer Soofi who plays the role of Sai Baba on Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mere Sai has been a witness to the grievous water shortage people face in remote towns of the country. Few years ago when he visited a friend’s place in northern India, he realized the difficult life led by all of them owing to water scarcity. One person would manage his entire day’s need for water in a single bucket.

When contacted Abeer said, “I was appalled to witness the problems people faced with scanty water supply. We are fortunate to have ample water around us for everyday use. People living in villages and remote towns fight a daily battle for survival with the water supply. It was heart wrenching to see people manage their daily tasks in a single bucket of water! Imagine if a family has a sick person or a child at home, how would they manage their activities? Even in Maharashtra, many villages have faced drought which has drastically affected the crop situation. On our show Mere Sai, the recent track describes how Shirdi faced water shortage and the troubles that the villagers had to face and how Sai helped them to tide through in this difficult situation. In my opinion, it is important for all of us countrymen to adopt water conservation measures viz. reduce use of showers, reuse water for gardening purposes, rainwater harvesting methods need to be implemented to counter water scarcity issues.”

In the recent track, the number of visitors from nearby villages to seek Sai’s Darshan has multiplied resulting in a water crisis at Dwarkamayi. The closest water source is at some distance. Sai suffers along with his bhakts as Ahmednagar is a drought prone region. How will Sai quench the thirst of his devotees? Will the water problem of Dwarkamayi be solved?
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