Ketaki Mategaonkar Surprises Contestant Chetan Salunkhe on Dance Plus 4!

November 22, 2018 Views
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Ketaki Mategaonkar with Contestant Chetan Salunkhe on Dance Plus 4
Ketaki Mategaonkar with Contestant Chetan Salunkhe on Dance Plus 4
Mumbai, November 22, 2018 (Team Online News India): As the bar keeps raising for the contestants every week on Dance Plus 4, the contestants have been giving their best shot every week to make their place in top 8. While the contestants have regular visits from their pluses, this week Chetan Salunkhe was surprised by the guest who came to visit him!

On the sets of the show, Timepass star Ketaki Mategaonkar came to surprise Chetan Salunkhe from Team Punit, as he is a big time fan of her. Chetan being the ultimate fan, even has his mobile wallpaper set to Ketki’s picture. After his dance performance, while Punit was talking about Ketaki to him, she made a surprise entry from behind after which Chetan was filled with happiness and excitement. Awestruck Chetan, couldn’t believe his eyes that his favourite actress and singer was just right there next to him.

Ketki even got a present for Chetan and mentioned, “He is more than just a fan. When you are shooting, stressed, far away, you do not realise, there is someone far away loving you so much. It’s my dream that Chetan wins this show. A lot of people earn money, win shows, but Chetan wants to make his parents proud, that’s why we are on the same page. I have the same ideologies. I have been following Chetan and his performances. Now I am his big fan too!”

Grooving on his favourite song of hers, Ketki sang ‘Mala Ved Lagle’ and ‘Main Tenny Smajhawan Ki’ for Chetan! They also recreated Chetan’s performance where Chetan played a fan boy in love with the big artist, the scene was a reality on the set!

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