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CT University develops a muscle sensing prosthesis hand

Muscle sensing prosthesis hand
Muscle Sensing Prosthesis hand
Ludhiana, August 22, 2019 (Akash Sharma): Under the recently inaugurated Robotics and Automation Lab, the students and faculty of CT University have come up with another successful project ‘Prosthesis Hand’. The trio of students behind this successful project are Batina Jennifer and Christamber True Man from Robotics and Automation and KA Umar Ali Bilal B. Tech.

Beginning the process, students started off with 3D printing of the whole hand by using servo motor to control all the fingers of the hand. Elaborating further, Batina Jennifer, student of Robotics and Automation said, “The whole hand was 3D printed using “Creality Ender 3” printer using PLA filament as the material. After the mechanical assembly of the prosthesis hand, we used the EMG sensor that senses muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. It means that when an amputee wants to open and close the hand, the EMG sensor detects the muscle movement and sends the signal to the controller. The servo motors which are connected to the controller moves accordingly to the signal sensed by the EMG sensor.”

Further, Dr Harmeet Singh, Assistant Professor, elaborating about their advance techniques in the hand said, “The prosthesis hand allows the amputee to hold and release any object in a fluent manner. The future work includes the artificial fingers and inbuilt sensors in the Prosthesis hand, that even allow the amputee to sense when they hold and release any object.

Dr Harsh Sadawarti, Vice Chancellor CTU, said, “The loss of the limb is a traumatic event and this is particularly evident in the case of a hand amputation. Having this in mind, the main motive was to build a prosthesis hand that will be available to every amputee. This project can be a great step for medical developments.”

Manbir Singh, Managing Director appreciated the efforts of the students and wishes them luck for their future endeavours.
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