This Janmashtami, Krishna Bharadwaj opens up about the secret behind his name

Krishna Bharadwaj as Pandit Ramakrishna
Krishna Bharadwaj as Pandit Ramakrishna
Mumbai, August 22, 2019 (Akash SHarma): Janmashtami is celebrated across India to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. While everyone admires how mischievous and intellectual Lord Krishna was, this Sony SAB artist has a deeper influence of Lord Krishna in his life.

Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the titular role in Sony SAB’s historical fiction show Tenali Rama, shared the story behind why he is named Krishna. Little does anyone know that, Krishna Bharadwaj’s original name was ‘Kirti Kant’. When asked about the story behind changing his name, Krishna said, “I gave myself the name Krishna. I had to change my school in the 4th Standard and while I was writing my interview test for the school, I just gave myself the name ‘Krishna’ and wrote that on the paper. At that time, I didn’t even know the spelling of the name Krishna and I had to ask the teacher.”

Adding more, Krishna shared about the relevance of Lord Krishna with his name. “Coming from a conservative Pujari family, I was well-read about different gods. One of the stories that I was most interested in was of Lord Krishna. I was really impressed and inspired by all his stories about his mischiefs and his smartness, eventually deciding to give myself that name”, said Krishna Bharadwaj. The actor also expressed how grateful he is to be playing a character like Rama who just like Lord Krishna is diligent, smart and wise with a dash of mischief too.
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