Ludhiana SMART LED Project’s citizen portal, app to be launched

December 13, 2019 Views
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Rajendra Inani, Business Unit Head - Smart Cities, Tata Projects Ltd
Rajendra Inani, Business Unit Head - Smart Cities, Tata Projects Ltd
Ludhiana, December13, 2019 (News Team): Ludhiana’s citizens will soon be able to effortlessly register complaints pertaining to faulty/non-functional streetlights as the SMART LED Project’s citizen’s portal and Android app is soon to be launched.

The citizen’s portal and app shall be hosted on Google Playstore. All complaints received will be resolved through dedicated maintenance teams and thereafter monitored for future performance.

Ludhiana will be among the first cities where citizens India can seamlessly log in complaints pertaining to streetlights. Additionally, the citizens will also be able to check the action taken on their complaints.

A unique aspect is that the LED lights are installed by Tata Projects Ltd in lieu of rights for sharing energy savings on Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode for design, build, finance, operate, maintain and transfer (DBFOMT) basis. Hence, the total project is being borne by Tata Projects Ltd and Ludhiana city or its residents will not have to bear any costs.

In fact, the Ludhiana SMART LED project has already achieved Rs. 1.65 crore monthly savings for the city and its residents. This can be estimated if one considers the 63 per cent reduction on earlier monthly electricity bills of Rs.2.62 crores borne by LMC (Ludhiana Municipal Corporation) during usage of conventional streetlights. In addition, once more zones are fully handed over for project execution – the monthly electricity savings shall increase. 

With the contract tenure at seven years, the total savings on electricity charges can be estimated at around Rs. 138.68 crore. In fact, the savings on energy costs since July 2019 has already reached Rs. 6.60 crore.

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