Form Assembly organized by Sat Paul Mittal School for the students of Class VI

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Students performing during form assembly organized by Sat Paul Mittal School
Students performing during form assembly organized by Sat Paul Mittal School
Ludhiana, August 14, 2019 (Akash Sharma): Sat Paul Mittal School held Form Assembly, “MOANA” for the students of Class VI, which proved to be a perfect example of making a shift from student engagement to student empowerment. Instead of being given a road map, the Satyans found their own route by not only performing but also successfully organizing the Form Assembly.

Keeping with the tradition of being inspired and being inspiring, the Form Assembly of the students of Class VI was conducted at Sat Paul Mittal School on 8th August, 2019 on the imaginative and thought provoking theme of ‘Moana’. The middle school students brought out their best in the portrayal of the awe-inspiring story and the audience swayed with the performances and as the message of continuously evolving, exploring and enduring was brought home.

The students dug deep into their own independent selves to bring out their unique strengths and played out beautifully the theme of the young independent Moana, who was confident to explore the unexplored and fearless in her endeavours. The purity in the character and the piousness in the dedicated performances of the children was much cheered on by enthusiastic audience.

The scintillating performances put up by the ardent Satyans were appreciated by everyone. The parents were left to ponder over the lessons of continuous endurance, exploration & evolution and their relevance to real life.

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