Star Plus Celebrates the Biggest Revelation of Kullfi’s Life on Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

November 21, 2018 Views
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Aakriti Sharma as Kullfi reading out the letters by journalists for their fathers
Aakriti Sharma as Kullfi reading out the letters by journalists for their fathers
Mumbai, November 21, 2018 (Team Online News India): Time has come for a standstill as India’s beloved daughter Kullfi is set to face one of the biggest revelations of her life. It’s the most awaited moment that the audience anxiously rooted for! As they say, when you desire for something wholeheartedly, the entire universe conspires to get your wish fulfilled. Something similar has happened in case of the 7-year-old singing prodigy.

Ever since she began her musical journey on Star Plus’ favourite show Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala she became a part of every household. Her innocence, soothing vocals and ability to emote her thoughts in the form of poetry got the audience hooked. Though a happy soul, she was always bothered by one thought. A question, and hunt for its answer became the goal of her life. Kullfi has been curious and eager to know who her real father is. After all the trials and tribulations since the past eight months, Kullfi is set to learn that her real father is none other than Sikandar!

Unaware about their real relation, Sikandar and Kullfi have always shared a familial bond. From giving her shelter, fighting for her rights, teaching her to sing and even helping her in getting admission in her school Sikandar went all out to give the little one a better life. With the new development equations are definitely going to change with Kullfi being aware of Sikandar’s identity, but the latter still being in the dark.

Talking about the biggest progress on the show, producer Gul Khan says, “Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala has always been a father-daughter story told through music. We have always been excited and looked forward to the moment of uniting Kullfi and Sikandar. We are eager to present the first half of the development. We are sure that the audience is as much enthused to see the joy and happiness on the young girl’s face when she meets her real father. The track is going for a major change from here on and I am sure the viewers are going to be all the more engaged in seeing the brand new bond between Kullfi who is now aware that Sikanadar is her father she has been searching for all this while.”

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