Shakti Mohan, contestant Vartika Jha and the winner of Dance Plus 4 to debut in Remo D’Souza’s ABCD 3!

November 21, 2018 Views
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Shakti Mohan with contestant Vartika Jha and Remo D’Souza on the set of Dance+4
Shakti Mohan with contestant Vartika Jha and Remo D’Souza on the set of Dance+4
Mumbai, November 21, 2018 (Team Online News India): While the season of Dance Plus 4 has been full of excitement and jaw dropping performances, Remo made the most important announcement of all in the recently shot episode! There are going to be many surprises in Remo’s next film for which he starts shooting right after the show ends. His latest addition to the star cast of his upcoming Dance film is none other than Captain of Dance Plus 4, Shakti Mohan!

Proud with Shakti’s achievements so far, Remo walked up to the Dance+ stage and made the announcement which left everyone awestruck, “Everybody knows that Dharmesh, Punit and Raghav are a part of my upcoming dance movie and we will begin shooting very soon. But the most important addition to the cast is Shakti Mohan. She will star in that movie too!”

While the audience roared in excitement and cheered Shakti while she took a bow, Remo made another announcement which left every contestant’s eye shinning! He turned to contestant Vartika Jha after her jaw dropping performance and added, “Vartika, I don’t need you to be in the finale to say this to you, you are going to be in my next film too and so will the winner of Dance Plus 4!” Overwhelmed by Remo’s gesture, Vartika broke down in tears and this added the spark amongst all the other contestants too! Not just winning the title of Winner of Dance Plus 4, the winner will also get to be a part of Remo’s next film!

Shakti revealed, “I have always been seeking for this opportunity and finally I have got it today so I am extremely happy I have always loved working with Remo Sir, and now doing a movie with him will be very interesting. I am waiting for the shoot to start.”

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