“I take one and a half hour to get ready for KarnSangini”, says Aashim Gulati

September 26, 2018 Views
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Ashim Gulati as Karn in KarnSangini
Ashim Gulati as Karn in KarnSangini
Ludhiana, September 26, 2018 (Team ONI): StarPlus brings to its viewers yet another unique genre of mytho-romance with ‘KarnSangini’. It is the ultimate love saga, set in the backdrop of Mahabharata. Karnsangini depicts the unheard love story of Suryaputr Karn and his Sangini Uruvi.

This is the first time Aashim Gulati has stepped into the mythological genre and is exhilarated to be a part of this. He will be touted as Sutputr, Karn, and is all set to play the iconic role. He revealed, “I spend one and a half hour to get ready as Karn. His look is really distinct, right from the attire to his hair and makeup. As I wanted my appearance to look natural, I wear a golden ‘Suryakavach’ on my chest and refused to rely on just special effects. My clothes and jewellery are really heavy and it takes a lot of time to get ready but the end result is worth it.”

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