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International students display food made by them during International Culinary fest at PCTE
International students display food made by them during International Culinary fest at PCTE
Ludhiana, March 23, 2018 (Iqbal Happy): International Students’ week perpetuated with the International Culinary Fest where the International students from different countries like Kenya, Syria, Maldives, Bhutan, Yemen, Afghanistan, PNG, Mozambique, Congo, Sudan, Liberia, Lesotho, The Gambia and few more countries prepared food of their native country.

Maged Ahmed Hasan Mashrai and Anas Abdulla Luft Ali Sabbar students from Yemen said that they had prepared Kabsa which is like Indian Biryani and it’s made from Chicken and Rice, along with it they prepared Vasulia Tuna which is made by Tuna Fish and Potatoes, then they also prepared Hobs which is like India Paratha and Sahawiq which is a Chilli Chatni and said that it’s wonderful to see so many international students coming together and cooking in the fest.

Karma a student from Bhutan said “ we have made Ema Datshi made from Chilli and Cheese, Suja which is a Butter Tea, Deshi which are Sweet yellow Rice, Kewa Datshi made from Potatoand Cheese” and said I love cooking and it’s fun to see dishes made by students from other countries.

Dr K.N.S. Kang, Director General, PCTE group of Institutes said that the food festival would not have completed without the participation of the International students and congratulated the entire team for successfully organizing the fest, he whereby added by saying that fests like these help us to explore the global culture and encourage students to enhance their other skills apart from scoring well in academics. Dr. Kang stressed that PCTE provides global exposure to its students with more than 240 International students from 41 countries studying on campus.