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FICCI FLO Amritsar Chapter Begins its 7th Year with "Agaaz...ek nayee Subah ka" Event

FICCI FLO Amritsar Chapter Begins its 7th Year with "Agaaz...ek nayee Subah ka" Event

Amritsar, April 11, 2024 (Nannu Studio)
: FICCI FLO Amritsar Chapter commenced its seventh year under the chairmanship of Dr. Simarpreet V Sandhu with a dynamic inaugural event titled "Agaaz...ek nayee Subah ka." The event, held on 10 April, marked the beginning of a new chapter for FICCI FLO, celebrating its commitment to women empowerment and community development.

The event was graced by the presence of Guest of Honour Neha Dhupia, a renowned figure in the Indian entertainment industry. Known for her versatility as an actor, model and television personality, Neha Dhupia has captivated audiences with her striking looks and strong on-screen presence. Beyond her entertainment career, she is a vocal advocate for social causes, using her platform to promote awareness of issues such as women's rights and body positivity.

Dr Simarpreet V Sandhu, the newly inducted Chairperson of FICCI FLO Amritsar Chapter, was honoured by past chairs Gowri Bansal, Arushi Verma, Meeta Mehra, Manjot Dhillon and Himani Arora. The event also featured the unveiling of the Rural Livelihood Initiative by Neha Dhupia and the Rural Initiative team, aimed at improving the economic and social well-being of rural women and women at grassroots levels.

"This year, we are starting with the FICCI FLO Roundtable 24_25, featuring a light-hearted roundtable conversation where our FICCI FLO ladies will engage in interactive discussions with our guests," said Dr. Simarpreet V Sandhu. The event featured Nagma Khanna, an Educational Entrepreneur; Shireen Kumar, an Educator; Tina Bhinder, a Trunk Show Curator; and Nishtha Gupta, a Psychiatrist, in conversation with Neha Dhupia.

As part of the event, FICCI FLO Amritsar honoured five women for their outstanding dedication and contribution to empowering women in rural livelihood. Navshant Chinna, Prabhjot Wadala, Gurvinder Kaur, Sawinder Kaur and Khushwinder Kaur were recognised for their constant commitment to uplifting women in rural areas, making a significant impact on their lives and enabling them to become self-reliant, resilient and active participants in their communities.

"Their leadership, compassion and tireless efforts have not only transformed individual lives but have also contributed to the sustainable development of rural economies," remarked Dr Simarpreet V Sandhu.

The event concluded on a high note, setting the tone for a year filled with impactful initiatives and collaborations aimed at empowering women and nurturing sustainable development in the region.
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