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Exclusive Launch of Poetry Book "Poetry In Motion" by Arveena Soni

Exclusive Launch of Poetry Book "Poetry In Motion" by Arveena Soni

Amritsar, January 28, 2024 (Nannu Studio)
: Hotel Golden Sarovar Portico witnessed an enchanting evening full of proses and verses on January 26, 2024, as Arveena Soni, a versatile individual from Amritsar, unveiled her debut poetry book, "Poetry In Motion." This exclusive launch event was graced by Former Deputy Chief Minister, O.P. Soni.

The event was attended by eminent dignitaries, renowned doctors and heads of educational institutions from the city. FICCI FLO Chairperson Himani Arora moderated the book launch ceremony, and the event was skillfully hosted by Mona Singh, Treasurer of FICCI FLO.

Arveena Soni, a writer, a poetess, homemaker, Joint Director of Sarovar Portico and Joint Treasurer of FICCI FLO Amritsar Chapter, showcased her multifaceted personality. A fitness enthusiast and music lover too, who is too full of life and love. Arveena passionately follows her dreams, leaving an indelible mark on everything she pursues.

"Poetry In Motion" reflects in Arveena's belief that words have the power to connect hearts and heal all those souls who are suffering silently or emotionally. Her words have power to ignite emotions in her readers. Her poetry aims to inspire individuals to persevere in their dreams and embrace the magic of love and to always keep on believing in love. Arveena shares, "Don't seek for love; instead, become love—the pure, unconditional love that this world seeks for."

The book is dedicated to every person who believes that he or she is a poetry in motion—a work in progress as well as a masterpiece in himself or herself. Arveena describes her writing journey as a canvas painted with words and emotions for self-discovery, where each poem is a piece of her heart and soul. As readers leaf through the pages, they are invited to find resonance and connections that transcend words on paper.

The reception of "Poetry In Motion" has been remarkable, promising to touch the hearts of readers with its profound depth and emotional richness.

"Poetry In Motion" Arveena Soni's inaugural poetry book is written in free style poetry. As you delve into it's lines...you will find a solace, joy and reflection of your own love and life experiences .The book has received a warm reception, promising to resonate with readers and touch their hearts with its depth and sincerity.
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