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Usha Brand Ambassador Brian Lara Endorses Active and Healthy Living Atthe Delhi Golf Club

Brian Lara at the DGC, with Siddharth Shriram, Gauri Monga and Shubham Jaglan
Brian Lara at the DGC, with Siddharth Shriram,
Gauri Monga and Shubham Jaglan
New Delhi, December 16, 2019 (News Team): Usha International, India’s leading consumer durables company,along with Delhi Golf Club, today hosted former West Indies cricketer Brian Lara, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest batsmen ever.During the course of the day, the West Indies legend, who endorses Usha’s philosophy of an active and youthful lifestyle, reiterated the same while interacting with fellow golfers, club members, youngsters, and beneficiaries of the Caddies Welfare Trust.This partnership between Usha and Brian is one of the most powerful associations ever, bringing together a legendary Indian brand that promotes and supports active and healthy living, and a cricketing legend who is passionate about fitness, cricket and golf.

The day began early with Lara teeing off at the new world-class championship Lodhi Golf Course with eminent golfing enthusiasts including Siddharth Shriram, Kapil Dev, and Gauri Monga. They were later joined by junior golfers Rehyanjit Singh and Sarthak Chibber, Raghav Chug and Shubham Jaglan.

Golfing for the day done, Lara then engaged with some senior members of the DGC over lunch where the conversation revolved around Brian’s fitness regime and him talking about the importance of a healthy diet in his fitness routine.

Lunch over, Lara proceeded to spend time with the member golfers, youngsters, and the beneficiaries of the Caddies Welfare trust, wherein they were given a brief introduction to various initiatives that Usha leads and supports. These include the company’s association with various sports and related tournaments in the country including Cricket Leagues – Mumbai Indian team and Divyang Cricket League, Ultimate Flying disc, Amateur Golffor Ladies and Junior Training Programme, Blind Sports (Athletics, Kabaddi, Judo and Powerlifting), and Football, as well as its Silai School initiative and the Caddies Welfare Trust.

Addressing the gathering, Lara said, “It’s amazing to see this kind of work. I am really happy and honoured to be here, and it’s all thanks to Usha, a company that’s iconic and a legend in its own right. It gives me great pleasure to see a company invested in active and healthy living and creating inclusive platforms that give an opportunity to everyone to shine. They have a greater purpose, way above business, and that is what resonates with me. India is always great, but today is special -- seeing all of you gathered here, meeting and interacting with you, it inspires me to try harder than ever before to do my bit and give back as much as I can and grow this spirit of inclusion to touch many more lives.”

What followed was a feisty Q&A session, with Lara happily answering every question and inspiring them to stay fit, follow their passion, and at the same time give back to those not as privileged. He posed for photographs with all those present and the day ended on a high note with everyone going home with memories they will cherish forever.
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