Nyra Banerjee performs an aerial bike stunt for Divya Drishti

March 27, 2019 Views
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Nyra Banerjee on Divya Drishti
Nyra Banerjee on Divya Drishti
Mumbai, March 27, 2019 (News Team): The fearless and fierce lead actress of StarPlus’ Divya Drishti, Nyra Banerjee who is playing the role of ‘Divya’ is leaving the audiences’ in an awe with her awestruck performance. Adding to her existing strong screen presence she will be seen doing some exceptional stunts.

Nyra is determined to do full justice to Divya’s character which is quirky and bindass. She has always wanted to ride a bike in real life and we will see her doing it on Divya Drishti. Nyra shared, “Although I’ve learnt bike riding, I never had the opportunity to actually ride it. Divya Drishti didn’t just give me an opportunity to ride a bike but I also did an aerial stunt. I was really nervous in the beginning but I had made my mind to do it. She further added, “It was a truly enthralling experience and it felt surreal. Who would’ve thought I’d get to ride a bike that too in air (laughs). I have decided to do all my stunts myself in the future too, as I want to do complete justice to my role.”

Wow! Nyra doing an aerial bike stunt, sounds astounding. We cannot wait to watch her work her magic and show her daredevil self on Divya Drishti.

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