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Remo D’souza gets a memorable surprise by wife Lizelle on Dance+4!

Remo D’souza with wife Lizelle
Remo D’souza with wife Lizelle
Mumbai, January 05, 2019 (News Team): A man of few words ace choreographer & filmmaker Remo D’souza does not talk much about his personal life and not many know how he and his wife Lizelle met and fell in love. It was revealed on Dance+ where one of the groups Feel Crew, who dance on only dialogues depicted Remo & Lizelle’s journey and togetherness of 19 years through their act in superjudge Remo special episode.

After watching the act which showcased the key milestones and not known facts about his life, Remo shared that, “All my memories of 19 years with my beloved wife came as a flash in front of me once again.” What really amazed Remo that for the first time Lizelle did voice over as a narrator for the dialogues on which the group performed on the show and all this planning to surprise him was kept under the wraps till the act was done on the stage! Their act started from when Remo first met Lizelle when he was assisting choreographer Ahmed Khan and she was also one of the dancers and they both disliked each other as Remo used to pull her up for being late for the rehearsals and was extremely strict. Then how gradually they developed liking for each other and Remo proposed her twice and she declined it both the times but soon realized her love for him and finally she proposed him the third time.

Remo shared, “We got married quite young while I was still trying to find a foothold in the industry and we have had our share of struggle but it was Lizelle’s unflinching trust and support which motivated me throughout and we overcame all struggles and odds together!” Remo’s happiness knew no bounds when his sons Dhruv & Gabriel came on the set to meet him and while taking about Remo as a father his elder son Dhruv mentioned that he aspires to be a director like his dad. Reminiscing about their journey Remo said, “I consider myself fortunate and blessed to have Lizelle as my wife as she had held my hand and supported & believed in me when I was a nobody. From there till today she has been with me as my backbone and loved and supported me at every point in my life. My wife is like a superwoman, the way she manages everything from home, kids, office and films is amazing! I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for being there for me always”.

Remo once again floored Lizelle as they danced on Mere Naam Tu amidst thunderous applause from everyone on the set. It was a moment to behold to see the perfect family on the stage of Dance+.
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