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When Ranveer Singh danced with his background dancer on Dance+4!

Ranveer Singh on Dance+4
Ranveer Singh on Dance+4
Mumbai, December 14, 2018 (News Team): Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh, who has carved a niche for himself and has won millions of hearts with his distinct characters is known for his infectious energy on and off screen. His warm persona and magnanimous heart always wins him more fans and that’s exactly what he did once again on the set of Dance+4 where he came along with his co-star Sara Ali Khan to promote his upcoming movie.

One of the groups B-Unique, performed on the medley of Ranveer’s songs depicting his distinct characters from the movies like Gungay, Padamavat, Bajirao Mastani & Simba in their unique style. Ranveer was left stunned and overwhelmed after watching their performance and mentioned that their act has made him feel really special and he has not seen anything like this. In fact completely stunned by Rajat Soni’s flexibility head turning talent that he asked him to do it again! One of the other group member Raaj Joshi surprised Ranveer when he revealed that he has danced behind him as a background dancer previously in an award show and it is his dream come to perform infront of him.

An extremely touched Ranveer said that today he will dance behind and graciously he did the same as danced behind Raaj amidst thunderous applause from the audience. Later Raaj told him that his sister is a huge fan of Ranveer and has specially travelled from Jodhpur to meet him today on the set of Dance+, and Ranveer quickly reached out in the audience to meet her, leaving her beetroot red.
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