My ultimate goal is to direct a film: Punit J Pathak

Punit J Pathak
Punit J Pathak
Mumbai, November 01, 2018 (Tarkesh): Dance+4 Punit J Pathak’s inspiring and successful journey from being a contestant, to a choreographer, actor and a judge is a result of his passion and perseverance for his art. Talking about his journey he shares, “If you look at it visually, the journey from the stage to the judges’ table is only about 15-20 steps. But it takes a lot of hard work to reach there. I am one of the lucky few, who manage to make that progress. I am also thankful to the people who thought I was capable of judging and mentoring young dancers. So it’s a big achievement for me.”

Sharing what’s new in this season of Dance+4, Punit says, “While we are the same, the talent brings in a lot of newness and freshness. This season, the contestants are more finished and prepared. And their skills and passion amaze us completely. We could see the efforts put in by the contestants in their performances and their willingness to showcase their style. It’s thus a big responsibility now as mentors, to polish them further and turn them into world-class performers.

Further, talking about his stint with acting, the ABCD actor said, “I love acting. I think anything that’s creative gives me a high. Also, I enjoy choreography. So someday, I hope I can utilise my love and passion to become a director. That’s my ultimate dream.”
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