I hope after watching the Feel Crew ‘s act, there is some change in our society about how women are treated! - Shakti Mohan

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Shakti broke down after feel crew's performance
Shakti broke down after feel crew's performance
Mumbai, October 04, 2018 (News Online News India): The popular dance reality show Dance + has changed the format of dancing in India by presenting the purest form of dance with unique styles in Singles, Duo’s & Group formats. After having three successful seasons and having witnessed some spectacular talents handpicked from India, this season too brought some unique performances and one such act was from an all-boys group ‘Feel Crew’. In the auditions, this group, who uses only dialogues to dance, left super judge and captains speechless by performing an impactful act on a monologue depicting the unsafe environment for women in the current scenario! A hard hitting act showcasing all the atrocities a girl has to go through made everyone sit at the edge of their seats.

This act shook everyone to the core- as right from the super judge Remo Dsouza to the three captains, and everyone present on the set was deeply moved. All the captains and super judge gave standing ovation and applauded the Feel Crew, especially their mothers for the amazing upbringing and instilling good thoughts in their sons, who at such a young age conceptualized an act about this grave issue and presented it so powerfully!

Shakti Mohan on the set of Dance Plus 4
Shakti Mohan on the set of Dance Plus 4
Visibly shaken by the goose bump inducing performance, Captain Shakti got emotional and expressed her thoughts “This topic is extremely disturbing for me. Being a girl it has been my biggest fear that something like this might happen to me too! Since childhood girls are told how to dress and taught to behave in a certain way, but nobody tells boys any such things. They are never told to change their mentality and look at woman with respect. There’s no girl who has not experienced something like this and have gone through the traumatic experience. If I have a girl child I would want her to have a safe environment and hope that after watching this act, people will give it a thought and there will some change in the society about this prevalent issue.”

The platform of Dance+ and the contestants of Feel Crew have yet again proved that art can be used as a form to communicate vital issues plaguing the society!

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