Women's Special on Sabse Smart Kaun

July 25, 2018 Views
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Host Ravi Dubey celebrating Women's Special on Sabse Smart Kaun
Host Ravi Dubey celebrating Women's Special on Sabse Smart Kaun
Mumbai, July 25, 2019 (Team Online News India): StarPlus’ one-of-a-kind reality game show ‘Sabse Smart Kaun?’ which has been tremendously garnering love for its unique content and contestants from different walks of life, is adding a new ‘tadka’ to its offering, by dedicating a month to the celebration of women.

Women, who do the tough balancing act of managing their family, along with their own personal selves, with smartness and adroitness, will be the centre of attention of the show. Starting 23rd July, evenings 6:30pm to 7:30pm will be the hour when the ladies will have all the masti and fun, and also win a lot of money by answering questions by using their common sense. And joining them in their spirit of revelry, will be the host Ravi Dubey.

The show will see amusing additions of fun games and interesting activities, based on the normal daily lives of Indian women, to the existing format of questions which involve presence of mind, adding a dash of pizzazz and verve to the proceedings. At the same time, the women sitting at home also have the chance of being a part of this carnival by playing the ‘Sabse Smart Kaun?’ Play Along on the Hotstar app.

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