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Nilaanjana Bhattacharya inaugurated the fashion and art workshop of Atharva group

Nilaanjana Bhattacharya with students of ASFA
Nilaanjana Bhattacharya with students of ASFA
Mumbai, June 10, 2018 (Team Online News India): Nilaanjana Bhattacharya inaugurated the fashion and art workshop of Atharva group. She also talked with the students of the institute. Professor Jiten Giri (Head Faculty) also accompanied at the event.

Nilaanjana Bhattacharya was seen recently seen on the blockbuster hit Judwaa2. Not only in films, she also performed in stage shows. She has performed in many Indian dance festivals nationwide and in international shows and has won numerous accolades.

Atharva Group always comes up with such ideas and workshop which creates enthusiasm in the youth. At ASFA they had implemented various techniques and adopted unique strategies that are unparalleled by any other institution to fulfill their aim ''To excel beyond expectation”. They believe in the complete development of students. Along with comprehensive academic training, a serene and conducive environment is provided through our huge designing area, Hi-tech sewing lab, Seminar hall, a chic cafeteria, well equipped Computer Lab and last but not the least our In-house Library.

ASFA is in association with Secoli (Italy) and MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore). Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has varied over time and place. The main emphasis is hands-on practicals which are very important in every phase of the fashion industry or garment creation. Time to time market surveys, industrial visits, and fashion shows give students a wholesome idea of the fashion industry and its flow. The in-house clothing and accessories brand of Atharva is Tangerine. The Tangerine brand is also worn by the contestants of the popular beauty pageant, The Indian Princess. We at Atharva give a widened scope to our students to grow in haute couture fashion across the globe.

Nilaanjaan Bhattacharya quoted, “As an actress and dancer fashion plays a vital role in my life. The appearance of the artist whether in film or stag are decided by the fashion designer. Bollywood has always been a key element which introduces fashion to the masses. The art truly defines the character of the actor. The kind of colors, silhouettes, and designs which are trending, or which are predicted for the oncoming fashion season, is something fashion designers are acquainted with. Today colleges are following global fashion and the nurturing fashion designers are working really hard in this field and I must say Atharva School of Fashion and Arts is one of them.”
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