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Radhe on a roll to find his would be Mrs Hai Koi Nazar Mein?

Gaurav Sareen at the launch of Krishna Chali London
Gaurav Sareen at the launch of Krishna Chali London
Jalandhar, May 03, 2018 (Akash Sharma): With his chocolate boy looks, a smile that will charm and the cuteness that will melt anyone’s heart – that’s Radhe Lal Shukla! Meet the 21 year old boy-next-door on Star Plus’ upcoming show Krishna Chali London. Set against the backdrop of Kanpur, the show delves into the life of Radhe who is a complete romantic at heart and is in search of his love.

While boys of his age are interested in meeting desired career goals, joining a mega conglomerate, making big bucks and partying at exotic places, Radhe has always nurtured one dream since childhood, that is ‘of getting married’. He wishes for that someone special with whom he would go on long bike rides with, enjoy chaat and pani puri with, watch Friday evening movies with and spend valentine’s day with. He longs to have a perfect romantic life with her after marriage. While he himself is a 9th fail and has no ambition or career goals he will go to any lengths to fulfill his would-be Mrs.’ dreams and keep her happy.

Though the youngest in his family and the apple of their eye, he doesn’t have much say in the family affairs. It is his innocence and charm that wins everyone’s attention. He loves to dance to foot tapping numbers, is a complete crooner and sways to the 90s music. He believes that he has got everything in life – a good family, good friends and a comfortable life, and once he finds his Mrs., his life will be complete.

Talking about his character Radhe, actor Gaurav Sareen says, “Very rarely one gets to essay a role like Radhe’s. There are a lot of elements to this character which makes it all the more interesting. He is somebody who is dreamy, passionate and can do anything to win the love of his Mrs. He’s a hardcore lover boy with a clean soul and a heart of gold. It’s the multiple layers of the character that makes it a challenging affair to play on screen, but I am totally enjoying it.”

Writer and Producer Saurabh Tewari says, “I am very grateful to STAR Plus that they are bringing a show like ‘Krishna Chali London’ to audiences. It’s a concept which I conceived 7 years back and is inspired by a real character within my family. Thus the tonality of the show is very real, rooted and hence hoping that it will be relatable to the viewers. While the show has a high entertainment quotient and freshness in terms of its narrative, it has a subtle messaging in its core thought which will make the show more relatable for the audience.”

In the quaint by lanes of Kanpur will Radhe be able to find his perfect Mrs.?

Who’s the girl who’s destined to be with Radhe? Hai Koi Aapke Nazar Mein?

Krishna Chali London starting from 21st May, every Monday – Friday at 9pm on Star Plus
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