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Meet the mysterious Chandrakala Chakori played by Neha Pendse on show Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double

Neha Pendse
Neha Pendse
Mumbai, April 10, 2018 (Team Online News India): The gorgeous and the versatile actor Neha Pendse will be playing the role of Chandrakala Chakori aka Chamku in Sony SAB’s Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double. Chamku is a village belle from Uttar Pradesh and though very innocent and naïve, her character loves to tease and trouble the ones close to her. Here’s a freewheeling chat with Neha about her character.

Q): Describe your character? What is the best aspect about your role?
A): Chandrakala Chakori (Chamku) is a girl from a village in Uttar Pradesh. Being from the rural belt, she is a very innocent and a simple person. She has a mysterious character with a hidden agenda who makes sure no one knows about her past or as to why she is here and neither does she reveal anything about herself. As time passes, Chamku is likely to unfold her real motive.

Q): Why do you prefer doing roles in comedy?
A): Comedy has always been my first love but to be honest, it is not that I prefer comedy over other genres. It’s just that lately I have been offered more comedy roles and I am also enjoying it. I have done all genres be it drama, tragedy, comedy in the past but for the last two years, it’s just been comedy.

Q): How much do you relate to Chamku in real life?
A): Chamku is a very simple and innocent character and I do not relate to her in personal life as she is completely opposite to who I am.

Q): Who is your inspiration in the comedy genre?
A): Our Industry has legends in comedy and there are a lot of actors who inspire me in my daily life. If I must name one, its Kapil Sharma. Recently, I have worked with Kapil and its inspiring to see as to how he has a command over his comic timing and delivery.

Q): Like Chamku, how convincing are you? Is there any funny incident that you would like to share about when you convinced someone so that work got done?
A): Chamku’s character is different from me personally as I do not have to convince anyone for anything. When I need to do anything, I just go and do it myself.

Q): How is it working with Johnny Lever and Kiku Sharda?
A): It has been great working with Johnny Lever and Kiku Sharda. Both are unique in their own way and are always full of energy. I have worked with Johnnyji in the past as a child artist and have fond memories of him. I am looking forward to learning from him and honing my skills. When it comes to Kiku, we are currently working together in two shows and we have bonded well on the first day itself. He is a really calm and a straight-forward person and I really love that about him.

Q): What kind of preparation did you do to portray the role of Chamku?
A): The character of Chamku is a complex and an unpredictable character which makes the role really challenging for me. It is a little tough preparing for this character hence I mould myself as a and get into the skin of the character when the script arrives.

Q): What can audiences look forward to with your role in the show?
A): Audiences can look forward to pure entertainment from me in this role. The character will add a new dimension to the show and I hope audiences enjoy my role just as they support the show. We all hope to make them laugh and entertain them in Partners.
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