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Purvi Doshi exhibited an exclusive “A Roman Holiday” collection at her Mumbai Store

Purvi Doshi with Tanishaa Mukerji
Purvi Doshi with Tanishaa Mukerji
Mumbai, March 25, 2018 (Team Online News India): Purvi Doshi an Indian contemporary designer with a conscience-driven sustainable brand exhibited her exclusive “A Roman Holiday” Summer | Spring ‘18 Collection at her Mumbai store. The event witnessed the presence of celebrity Tanishaa Mukerji.

The Summer | Spring ‘18 collection in black and white is a contemporary Indian revalidation of the famous ‘Roman Holiday’, the story of a young Italian princess who leaves the stifling circumstances of her royalty to experience freedom and live life on her terms. The focus was on plain neutral colors, which stands for the choice between compassion and dreams. Abstractly, the monochromatic color theme mimics a game of chess involving gambling and sacrifices.

“A Roman Holiday” collection is a combination of Long Flowy Maxi dresses to short dresses layered with jackets, a perfect match for summer’18. Contemporary silhouettes with a twist of Indian-ness that are relevant to the woman of today, retaining the priceless and timeless traditions, form the base of the brand.

Purvi Doshi, is an ecologically sustainable and cruelty-free high fashion label that brings to you an untapped wealth of Indian arts and crafts. The label was born out of the urge to revive and sustain these arts, crafts, culture and heritage of India and showcase to the world what India has to offer.

"Sustainability at its root and make in India in its soul", the label works with delightful imperfections of the hand-woven fabric, the beauty of natural colours with subtle flaws and the warmth of the human hands."

Purvi Doshi expresses, “Sustainability is not just a word it’s how we design, define and create. We believe in creating beautiful todays and tomorrows for both our traditions and the planet, a blend of cultural heritage and revolution."
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