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Interview with actress Ami Trivedi from show Saat Phero ki Hera Pherie

Ami Trivedi from show Saat Phero ki Hera Pherie
Ami Trivedi from show Saat Phero ki Hera Pherie
Mumbai, March 07, 2018 (Team Online News India): The talented and versatile actress Ami Trivedi is coming back on Sony SAB with the upcoming show ‘Saat Phero Ki Hera Pherie’. She will play the role of Rupal Desai who loves to control her husband Parimal and enjoys to show-off. Rupal is a fickle minded woman and is not able to settle on one decision or business idea very much like her clothes. Even her close friends are not spared and she enjoys critiquing them. In a brief conversation with Ami Trivedi on her role.

Q: You are coming back on TV after a gap of 3 years, any reason?
A: No not exactly three years, I think it’s just a year. In 2017 I was doing a gujarati play. I was working but not on television.

Q: We have always seen you comedy shows any reasons just choosing comedy?
A: Yes, I love comedy it’s something which makes me feel very much as my own self as an actor, something which nowadays I enjoy doing very much. I have to learn a lot, you never feel that you know everything. With comedy, it is always a learning process. As an actor and as a theatre person it helps you grow.

Q: Who is your inspiration for comedy?
A: I thing every person that I am working with... I have seen actors do comedy and then I get to learn from them. There is no ‘one’ inspiration as such.

Q: Please describe your character
A: My character's name is Rupal Desai. She loves her husband but has a dominating character. She has an attitude but not in a negative or bad way. She is sweet but things do get her temper rising a little faster.

Q: Rupal is possessive wife how relatable you are with her in your life
A: I wouldn’t call myself possessive very honestly. It is nice to do this role on screen only.

Q: Like Rupal how convincing are you in daily life? Any funny incident which you like to mention - when you convince someone to get your work done
A: Every time I thing I try to convince people about my work which is to be done, it always turns out to be funny. Actually I am not great at convincing people but the things which go on in my mind while convincing people is really funny.

Q: Since have your worked for Sony SAB in the past how does fill be back on the channel again
A: The feeling is so amazing, it is like coming back home. I feel like I have some connection with this channel , in fact people refer to me as an Sony SAB artist. For quite some time I have only done shows for Sony SAB. It always feels nice because the people are warm and welcoming and the kind of content that Sony SAB has to show is something I feel proud of to be associated with.

Q: How is it working with the veteran actor like Shekhar ji and Swati Ji?
A: Meeting Shekharji was a fan girl moment. I am a huge fan of his work. I used to watch his shows very religiously so for me it was like OMG I will be working with him. He is the one who started the trend of talk shows on Indian television and is the one from who people learn comedy from. And now when I am sharing screen space with him there is so much to learn from him, he is not just a brilliant performer but also gives you a lot of space to perform. Swatiji is a brilliant actress she has got a face of an angel. She is great with her comic timing.

Q: If there is one thing you don’t like about men / partner in life what would that be?
A: Well one thing which I do not like about men or in that sense, in general is dishonesty or people being untrue to who they are. I hate arrogance. According to me people who have achieved many things in life are the people who are the most down to earth people.
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