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Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal felicitates organ donors

Actress Radhika Chetan felicitating the organ donor
Actress Radhika Chetan felicitating the organ donor
Bangalore, March 13, 2018 (Team Online News India): Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal organized a felicitation program for the organ donors on the occasion of World Kidney Day and International Women’s Day. 10 donors along with their families were part of the event. India being called the diabetes capital of the world, awareness on organ donation is very important, as diabetes also plays a major role in kidney failure.

“I’m very happy to be associated with an event to felicitate organ donors at organized by Columbia Asia Hospital – Hebbal. Such events motivate people to donate an organ and help their loved ones get a second lease of life. Kidney failure has become a common problem even amongst the young generation today due to poor food habits and lifestyle. It is very important for all of us to stay fit and maintain a good health. I am honored to be with some of the Real Life Heroes and their families to celebrate this day. You as leaders should be the example to others and help them understand how sharing your organs can actually give hope and meaning to your life. Another important message I would like to send out is for all people to pledge their organs after death. One donor can save up to eight lives. Live in others after death” says Radhika Chetan, Kannada film actress.

Dr. Ajit K. Huligol, Senior Consultant Nephrology and Renal Transplants says, “We are in an alarming state where many people die waiting for an organ transplant. In India alone, 1,50,000 people are awaiting kidney transplant across the county but the availability is only for 5,000 people. It’s high time to raise awareness on organ donation in India and clear the obstacles like superstitions and misconceptions people believe in.”
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