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Zaheer and Sagarika mark their first Valentine’s Day with Platinum

Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge
Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge
Bengaluru, February 16,2018 (Online News India): The month of February brings with it an air of romance. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples leave no stone unturned to express their love for their special one.

It becomes extra special when it’s your first valentine’s day as husband and wife! For the newly wedded couple Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge, this day, had to be marked with rare and precious platinum. Having been blessed with Platinum Evara during their wedding, the couple fell in love with it for its simple elegance and exclusivity.

To commemorate their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple they decided to celebrate the day with Platinum Love Bands. Platinum Love Bands capture the emotion of the rare commitment between a couple. Today, couples seek deeper understanding and acceptance for each other & for who they are as individuals. Zaheer and Sagarika relationship has been that rare one that mirrors this sentiment effortlessly.

Dressed in a blue dress, wearing her Platinum Evara jewellery, Sagarika said, “Zaheer is the centre of my world. The love we have for each other stems from a great friendship and a deep connection. And rare Platinum is the perfect expression of the love I feel for my one and only. Exchanging Platinum Bands will be a beautiful reminder of our first Valentine’s Day for many years to come.”

Complementing his beautiful wife, the ace cricketer looked suave in a Blue Jacket and Platinum Evara men’s bracelet. He shared, “It feels right to celebrate this day with platinum. It echoes the sentiment we feel today as husband and wife. There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate “us” thanwith rare and precious platinum.”

Celebrate the inimitable relationship you share this Valentine’s Day with the new collection of Platinum Love Bands that celebrates ‘Contemporary love’. The designs use masculine and feminine design nuances connected through singular design element to complement each other making it all about being personal and intimate. Diamonds have been used to accentuate the design and femininity for the woman’s rings, while a substantive metal look with an interplay of textures and finishes adds the necessary gravitas to the men’s range.

Platinum 30 times rarer than gold is progressively becoming the metal of choice of young India. Appeal lies in the high emotional connect of the metal and innovative designs which are reflective of the international trends.
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