When Rohit Shetty worked as a spot boy

February 09, 2018 Views
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Rohit Shetty
Rohit Shetty
Jalandhar, February 09, 2018 (Akash Sharma): Did you know this B-Town director was once a spot boy to Tabu and Kajol? Want to know who he is, well, here is his name.

The man who changed the face of Action and Comedy in the entertainment industry, Rohit Shetty, said that in his initial days he was the spot boy to Superstars Tabu and Kajol. While judging his reality show, India’s Next Superstars, he shared why he is so grounded and humble towards people who work under him. He said, “When Tabu was filming for Haqeeqat, it was me who would iron her sarees and I was shooting with Kajol, I made her hair for an entire schedule. I know how difficult that job is that’s why I respect my spot boy the most.”

He adds, “When you’re in power what makes you a better person is how you treat people who are below you. They’ve seen you at your worse and still stand by you through your thick and thin, we must treasure them.”

Now we know where the big man gets his modesty from.

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