Rohit Shetty reveals Karan Johar’s secret

Karan Johar dancing on Dafli Wale
Karan Johar dancing on Dafli Wale
Jalandhar, February 05, 2018 (Akash Sharma): While we all like to revisit our inner child once in a while, Bollywood’s ace director Karan Johar, was a victim of his memories too! While reliving his childhood days, he refreshed a lot of memories in everyone’s mind including his co judge, Rohit Shetty.

Speaking about childhood, Rohit revealed an interesting secret on the sets of India’s Next Superstars, about Karan Johar. The Golmaal director revealed that he had once read in an interview that Dafli Wale was Karan Johar’s favourite song as a child and that whenever he heard it, he would start dancing! While Karan has always been a colourful person and full of life, he always shakes a leg whenever an interesting song comes up even today! So to refresh his childhood memories and to live by his most entertaining person tag, Karan sportingly danced on Dafli Wale song along with Rithvik Dhanjani and entertained the audience like a true sport!

Rohit and Karan relived the golden days of their childhood with Dafli Wale and Karan challenged his co-judge to find out his childhood memory too!
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