Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba enters Tenali Rama as Vishkanya

February 21, 2018 Views
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Minissha Lamba as Vishkanya in Tenali Rama
Minissha Lamba as Vishkanya in Tenali Rama
Jalandhar, February 21, 2018 (Akash Sharma): Beautiful Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba will play the character of the Assassin Chandrakala, a Vishkanya, who has poisonous blood. Chandrakala is a beautiful woman and can entice her enemy with her beauty. From a very young age, she has been raised on a carefully crafted diet of poison and antidote, and so has become immune to poison. Over the years, her body has become venomous.

Chandrakala will be entering Vijaynagar and plot her way to get close to the King. She will be using Tathacharya (Pankaj Berry) as a gateway into the palace and slowly gain the trust and friendship of Queen Tirumalamba to murder The King! A master in disguise, Chandrakala will be seen in various different attires who is ready to go to any height to complete her mission.

Will Chandrakala gets succeeded in her evil plans? Will Tenali come to know about her ulterior motive and save the king?

Speaking on the track, actor Minissha Lamba playing Chandrakala said, “I have always been excited playing fun characters and taking up work. In Tenali Rama my character is sultry and mysterious. I am playing the role of antagonist Chandrakala which is very interesting to watch.”

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